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The earliest formed Society of the General Society Sons of the Revolution was the Sons of the Revolution in the State of New York which was organized in 1876 in New York City by John Austin Stevens and other members of the Society of the Cincinnati. General development was held in abeyance until December 4th, 1883, when a dinner commemorating the 100th anniversary of Washington's Farewell to his officers was held in Fraunces Tavern. The idea of the Sons of the Revolution was well received. Reorganization of the Society was acted upon forthwith in the Long Room of Fraunces Tavern, where General George Washington's Farewell Reception had taken place one hundred years earlier.

The name "Sons of the Revolution" was derived from two organizations of the Revolutionary War period: the "Sons of Liberty" and "Society of the Revolution". The latter was formed in South Carolina after the Revolution by militia officers and the men of Major General Nathanael Green's disbanded Southern Army.

The Sons of the Revolution as organized in New York State was intended as a National Organization. However, it was found that similar organizations established later in other states preferred not to be considered as chapters. Beginning in 1888, conferences were held to devise an organization structure which would provide for a satisfactory combination of both local autonomy and national unity. On April 19th, 1890, the General Society Sons of the Revolution was formed at a meeting held in Chamberlain's Hotel in Washington, D.C. John Lee Carroll, a former Governor of Maryland, was chosen as the first General President.

In 1904, the New York Society purchased Fraunces Tavern. Built in 1719 by Etienne de Lancey, Fraunces Tavern is the oldest building in Manhattan. The offices of the General Society and the New York Society are located in Fraunces Tavern. The first floor houses a restaurant; the Long Room on the second floor, museum on the third floor, with the library and the art collection on the fourth floor owned and maintained by the New York Society and are open to the general public.


The purpose of the Sons of the Revolution is to preserve for each succeeding generation the principles of freedom and good government for which our forefathers fought. The SR endeavors to develop an awareness of, and an interest in, the beginning of our nation, the sacrifices that initiated it, the cautious wisdom which devised a system of checks and balances under which all can achieve an unparalleled degree of freedom and opportunity.

The members are descendants of those men who rendered service in behalf of American Independence during the War of the Revolution as a soldier, sailor, marine; or as an official in the service of one of the thirteen original States or the National Governmen,the services liable to conviction of treason against the government of Great Britain.

Descendants of such forebearers have a very special obligation to protect and to perpetuate those principles for which so much was sacrificed. The Society seeks to locate and enroll gentlemen and young men who have and value this heritage.

Sons of the Revolution in the State of Wisconsin, Inc.

The Sons of the Revolution in the State of Wisconsin is one of the newer member societies being organized on May 20, 1979. The SR-Wisconsin is incorporated as a not for profit corporation under the laws of the State of Wisconsin. In spite of the fact it is one of the smallest it is also one of the most active societies having already received several awards from the General Society for its activities and membership growth. Potential members, guests, wives and family members are always welcome to attend all SR-Wisconsin functions. Wisconsin hosts two meetings a year in addition to its annual summer picnic.

Qualifications for Membership

Any male person of good character who is a lineal descent of one who served as an active military, naval, or marine officer, soldier, sailor, or marine under the authority of any of the thirteen states or the Continental Congress and remained loyal to such authority, or is a lineal descendent of a member of the Continental Congress who assisted in the establishment of American Independence by services rendered thereby becoming liable to conviction of treason against the Government of Great Britain, and alway remained loyal to the authority of the Colonies or States

The civil officials and military forces of the State of Vermont are treated in the same manner as if they had belonged to one of the thirteen original States during the War of the Revolution, .

Application Procedure

Applications for completion on a typewriter can be obtained from the Registrar or down load a computer word processor based application from the Internet directly into your computer.  Two original typed or word processed application forms, signed, notarized, and endorsed by a proposer and a seconder are required. Direct descent must be shown from a qualifying ancestor. Copies of documents proving proof of service and descent, birth certificates, death certificates, wills, deeds, census records, and other reliable secondary evidence must be submitted with the application. Application fees for the SR-Wisconsin are currently (2013) $30.00 and annual dues are $30.00. Please check if these fees have increased. Application fees are waived for members of the Children of the American Revolution. Annual, Life and Junior Membership are available. If you are interested and qualified, Download a computer Application formor obtain a Traditional Form for your typewrite can be obtained from the Registrar. Members in good standing may apply for Life Membership by paying an additional sum equal to 20 times the current annual dues amount. Senior Life Membership are available at a 50% reduction (10X current annual dues). Contact the Registrar for specifics on the application and fees and dues.

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Dr. Donald E. Gradeless, Registrar SR-Wisconsin
E-Mail to
1402 East 225 South
Winona Lake, IN 46590-2041
Telephone 574 / 267-6020
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