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       Complete each section replacing the blank lines or the x with information.  Save the file to your computer and then save under a different name, renaming the file with your Surname, first name and surname of your ancestors (or Surname then the initials of your first and middle name). Return completed files to your State Registrar for checking & before you begin printing on Acid Free Paper

        Applications are divided into 3 parts: cover, applicatiaon and proof of service of the ancestor, lineage and proof of that lineage.

The computer file is pre set for 8-1/2 x 11" paper size but may also be printed on legal sized paper. Your computer printer may require different setting but a 1 inch margin for binding purposes must be maintained. Wording not applicable to the data may be resonably changed, blank generations and data area can be deleted or altered. Please check with your State Registrar and submit the completed computer file to him before proceeding. Your State Registrar must determine if your computer based application is in the appropriate style and format that would be acceptable for the society you are applyign to.
        Be sure to insert the appropriate state name for the society you are applying for admission. These forms have NOT been approved for use in all states. Please check with your State Registrar first. Some Socities may have a committee on admissions so please check and follow the appropriate process for your state society

Application Procedure

Any male person of good character who is of a lineal descent of one who served as an active military, naval, or marine officer, soldier, sailor, or marine under the authority of any of the thirteen states or the Continental Congress and remained loyal to such authority, or is a lineal descendent of a member of the Continental Congress who assisted in the establishment of American Independence by services rendered thereby becoming liable to conviction of treason against the Government of Great Britain, and alway remained loyal to the authority of the Colonies or States; (The civil officials and military forces of the State of Vermont are treated in the same manner as if they had belonged to one of the thirteen original States during the War of the Revolution) is eligible to apply for membership in the Sons of the Revolution.

Traditional SR Application forms may be obtained from the Registrar. Two original typed application forms or two word processor based forms (preferred), printed on archival or acid free paper (100% cotton or rag), signed, notarized, and endorsed by a proposer and a seconder are required. Direct descent must be shown from a qualifying ancestor. Copies of documents proving proof of service and proof of the applicant's descent (birth certificates, death certificates, wills, deeds, census records, and other reliable secondary evidence) must be submitted with the application. With notice to the Registrar the propose and seconder can be typed on the line along with the SR memberhsip number in place of obtaining their written signatures.

Application fees and annual dues vary by State Society.  Current fees as of 1013 are:


Application fees are waived for members of the Children of the American Revolution.  Please check with an officers as fees could have changed since this page was originally created. Annual and Life Membership are available.  Juniors below the age of majority may only join as a life member.  If you are interested and qualified, download an application form into your computer or for a form for use with a traditional typewriter contactthe Registrar.  Each State Society is an independent organization so please contact your State Society to determine their specific fees and procedures.

Dr. Donald E. Gradeless, Registrar
E-Mail to:
1402 East 225 South
Winona Lake, IN 46590-2041
AC 574 – 267-6020

Please contact the Registrar of the SR Society you are considering for membership as to any differences that state society may have as to fees. For other SR society addresses or additional information please contact:

General Society Sons of the Revolution
412 West Francis Street
Williamsburg, VA 23185
(800) 593-1776 ~ toll free
(757) 345-0757 ~ office
(757) 345-0780 ~ fax

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